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Everything is going to be ok.

Hi and welcome back. I am Darryl and welcome to McCullagh Therapy and welcome to bitesize. Where we serve up bite-sized portions of inspiration, knowledge, and insight! In this series, I am just going to tell you that everything is going to be ok.

Amid life’s chaos, there’s a calming secret passed down from generation to generation, and it’s pretty simple: “Everything is going to be ok.”

For many years as a therapist, I’ve been like a time traveller, hopping through different eras of people’s soul stories. And no matter the story or situation, I recognise the same thing for most of my clients: “You’re where you need to be, and everything is going to be ok.”

These big questions we all have.

Am I doing what I’m meant to do?

Am I on track with my life’s goals?— Turns out, we’re stressing over them more than we need to. The universe, God, or whatever you believe or do not believe in, even fate, is giving us a big thumbs up. It’s saying we’re already nailing it, even if it doesn’t feel like it all the time.

Remember, you’re not solo on this journey. There are guides, like unseen mentors, all around, just waiting to help you through the tough spots. Connecting with them starts with a little heart-to-heart… with your own heart.

So, as we all grind through our daily hustle, let’s keep this wisdom in our back pocket, knowing we’ve got an all-access pass to cosmic backup anytime we need it. All it takes is a few moments to let go and reconnect.

Embrace that truth: things are going be ok.

Hit pause on life for a sec. Put your phone down.

No, really put it down…

Let go and Recharge

Close your eyes. Put a hand on your chest. Breathe in deep and slow.

Take your awareness to your heart centre. This is the place of compassion joy and peace. Imagine on the exhale, letting go of tension and tightness melting away as if it was falling out of your body. Imagine on the inhale breathing in pure energy, flowing into your body.

The key here is to use your imagination. The more you can add details with sight, hearing, and feeling, the greater the benefit. For example, when I imagine letting stuff go out of my body, I imagine it’s like sludge or slime, and when I breathe in positive energy, I imagine pure light flowing into my body, the more engage my senses, the greater the healing.



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